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Per-Plan User Access.

This new feature of Manplan allows you to grant access to a plan to other people without having to share your own username and password.  This will allow you to share specific plans with specific people and not simply grant open access to all of your plans.

All you need to do to grant someone access to a plan is to modify that person's record in Step 2 of your plan.  There is a checkbox that asks you whether or not you want to grant access to that person.  If you do grant access, then you must enter the person's email address and a password for the person to use.  After you click Save, that person will be able to log in to that plan using that email address and password.

If you do not want this person to be allowed to change any data for the plan, then simply place a check in the Read Only checkbox.  This will hide all of the data entry forms from this person, but they will still be able to navigate the Steps of the plan and view all of the reports.

To remove access to a person for a plan, simply navigate to Step 2 of the plan, and un-check the Grant Access checkbox on that person's record.

If you have many plans and you want to grant a collegue access to several of them, you will need to make separate entries into Step 2 of each of the plans. 

When one of these people logs in to Manplan, they use their email address as a username along with their password.  When the person logs in, all of the plans that include that email address are presented to the user, provided that the password entered matches at least 1 of those plans.  So if a Person has been granted access to some of your plans, and also to someone elses plans, both sets of plans will be shown to this person on the start page after they log in. e-mail: Mobile: (217) 622-4199 Phone: (217) 498-8817 Not logged in. v. 3.1.5